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Radio Telescopes

Specializing In

• Fibre installation, Aerial and underground

• Copper installation Aerial and underground

• Pole Placement

• Install Underground Conduit and Service boxes, manways.

• Pole transfers & removals

• Oversized load moves

• Work coordination, work with hydro crews.

• Maintenance work

• Bucket truck rentals. 

• Fibre splicing, copper splicing

• Place poles, Auger holes.

• Cut unhazardous trees.

• Sign Installations  

• Permits and Consulting


• 2023 Ford F550 LT40 Bucket Truck

• 2008 Ford F550 40 Bucket Truck

• 2005 International Digger Derrick

• 2011 International Digger Derrick

• 2005 pole trailer/reel holder

• 1997 Columbia reel trailer with hydraulic take up reel

• 2023 equipment trailer 30 ft

• UTV /ATV’s

• 2 Crew Trucks

Our Testimony

Our wide range of equipment is ket in exceptional condition through our high standard of routine inspections and diligent maintenance to make sure the job is done on time and to the highest of standards.

Our Expertise


    Telecommunications Infrastructure Planning



    Estimating & Budgeting


    Quality Control

    Safety Management

    Subcontractor Management


    Certificate of Occupancy

    As-built documentation


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